Are You Ready For the Data-Defined Business?

Let us help you get there: We design and build data-defined solutions using the best-of-breed Open Source Tools, centered around DevOps principles, with Security as the #1 priority.

We are your trusted partner for Software Engineering, Software Architecture, DevOps and Security Solutions.

How we do it

Security First

We take security as a priority, not as an afterthought. With a series of stringent quality checks and in-depth data analysis that spares little for compromise.

Resiliency By Design

We pay careful attention to architectural design standards. Our work emerges from the most systematic methods that ensure speed, availability and security are never compromised.

Committed to Open Source

We are committed to driving the future of Open Source Software. By providing you with a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services, while increasing the ability to build, test, and scale applications.


We offer free forum support for all our OSS services, and provide 1-to-1, standard, premium and enterprise support, with total environment awareness support options as well.

Advanced Training

We believe in the power of knowledge sharing. Our ability to offer high-level training all the way down to the advanced fundamentals is what truly sets us apart.

Attention to Details

We meticulously comb over every facet of the project beforehand, leaving no stone uncovered that may provide potential enhancements and/or cost savings.

We Are Dedicated To The Success Of Our Customers

High-End Strategic and Tactical Partners For the Data-Driven Business

  • Fully responsive to customer demands
  • Awesome qualitative data about your infrastructure
  • Better understanding how customers interact with the various applications
  • Strategic advantage over the competition
  • Superior insight into all facets of your infrastructure and business
  • Amazing agility and adeptnesses to change

We’d love to help you solve your data, security and compliance challenges

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