Who We Are

roZoom was founded in Chicago, the Summer of 2010, with the vision of helping companies realize the benefit and potential of the new paradigm shift in information technology. With the rise of Cloud Computing and the downstream trend of OSIS (Open Source Infrastructure Services), we immediately understood that most companies were paying too much for what they were told cutting edge business software and services. With the prospect of overpriced consulting companies pushing other vendors software and hardware, most have -and still do- end up overpaying, while the consulting service provider overcharges and under performs. roZoom is different. Our customers have saved millions with our clear-cut innovative business practices, which drive value for the client, not the provider.

Simply put, we have revolutionized the service industry by providing our clients with simple straight forward pricing, and with our unique “Open Functions”, we eliminate costs, while putting the customer back in control.

Welcome To roZoom

We have an amazingly talented and driven team with a broad background in security, software and design. We’d like you to meet them.

Who Is roZoom

Our mission is to help every customer succeed the first time by aligning and optimizing the Open Source Solutions Stack with business objectives and customer needs.
Pretty simple really. We build our reputation by making clients happy. To do that, we stack our team with the best people and give them the tools for success.
Throughout the course of a project, unexpected things will come up; it’s just the nature of the IT. The key is to always do the right thing for the client and project, no exceptions.
Cultivating great teams and building up skilled and passionate individuals is our recipe for success. Focus on people and the rest will fall into place.

Management Team

Our top-notch management team averages 15 years of direct information technology consulting industry experience. This extensive experience combined with reputations of excellence and professionalism provides clients with the utmost confidence in roZoom service offerings. rozoom strives for a mutually beneficial relationship, delivering to needs requirements, by which the Customer is in complete control of outcomes.