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  • Infrastructure design and deployment
  • Cloud based VOIP and Unified Communications
  • Secure PCI compliant Two-Factor Authentication in the Cloud
  • Analytics clustering for Hadoop and Cassandra
  • Migration of existing services to Amazon Web Services (AWS), RackSpace, Gogrid or SaaS providers
  • Set up of LAMP server farms, or your favorite high demand resource
  • Configuration of auto-scaling and load balancing for optimal value and availability
  • Administration for your EC2 instance, EBS volumes, and other AWS components

Cloud Services

Whether you need to setup a Digg-resistant blog, an ad-hoc data center, or a highly resilient load-balanced LAMP application, we are up to the task.

One-Time Services

We offer a wide variety of services that are grab-and-go. Since AWS has so much to offer, it is rather exhaustive to list everything. Check out our Ideas page to get a sense of how roZoom can imbue the flexibility and resilience of the cloud into your company. Here are a few common one-time tasks that we offer:

  • Custom AMI development – If you want specific packages installed and configured, we can compile a custom machine image to suit your needs.
  • Data migration – Have a large data set that you need in a highly available distributed file system? Then S3 is the ticket.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Content stored on Amazon S3 can be distributed through a lightning-fast content delivery network known as CloudFront. CloudFront offers extremely fast and reliable delivery of static content (images, videos, etc).
  • Server Migration and Setup – Quite simply, servers hosted on Amazon EC2 are cheaper than any place else.

Consulting Services

If you’re not sure how your company can benefit from cloud computing, drop us a line – we are also available for the following consulting services:

  • Audit of Existing Technology Stack – If you have an established application, we will look for components which are well suited for cloud computing. Our team of experts will produce a detailed multi-tiered report for migration strategies and other recommendations.
  • Load Balancing – Automatic Load Balancing is a powerful feature of Amazon Web Services, we can help you utilize it effectively to make sure your system never gets overloaded while at the same time never wasting compute-hours.
  • System Monitoring & Automatic Failure Recovery – Need to stay online, no matter what happens? We can help you leverage AWS to make sure you never miss a beat. We can also help setup system health monitoring so that you can sleep soundly knowing your infrastructure is in good hands 24×7.
  • Website Optimization – Many modern websites are rich with robust components such as powerful JavaScript libraries, drop in widgets, or large photo sets. These components provide a rich user experience, but sometimes at the cost of performance. We offer front-end website optimization to get your load times down and your user throughput up.
  • AWS Integration – If you already know which cloud services you want integrated into your product, we will work with your development team to make it a reality.
  • Application design – Have an idea that you want transformed into a plan? We will work with you and your development team to design a robust, scalable web application that runs on AWS.

Custodial Services

Nobody likes to clean up after themselves. Let us handle the behind-the-scenes management of your cloud services. Our team has extensive experience running and maintaining all of the cloud services offered by Amazon. Heck, we run all of our services off of it.

We’d love to help you solve your complex IaaS/PaaS challenges

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