Technical Support

As a roZoom customer, you’ll receive technical support for product components that you have purchased. The following services are provided:

  • Problem management, troubleshooting and system diagnosis
  • Hardware maintenance, with optional advanced replacement
  • Software maintenance (including software fixes, patches and upgrades)

roZoom offers you this technical support free of charge for the first 90 days after implementation.  Beyond the first 90 days, you can choose to continue receiving technical support for a fee of 20% of the list price for the components.

Levels of Support

Problems you report to roZoom Support are assigned a severity level based on the impact to your business operation.  The severity level structure is defined as follows:

Severity Level 1

A roZoom product problem results in a complete loss of service; your business operation cannot reasonably continue and the operation is mission critical to the customer.  No acceptable workaround exists for the problem.

Severity Level 2

A roZoom product problem results in a severe loss of service and no acceptable workaround exists; however, your operation can continue in a restricted manner or degraded mode.

Severity Level 3

A roZoom product problem results in a minor or no loss of service; however, you experience an inconvenience.

Problem severity levels are established by you in conjunction with the reseller support staff and the roZoom Support staff.  Problem severity levels can change with mutual agreement between all parties and roZoom ’s Support staff will respond to your problems based on severity of the issue.

Problem Definition

Response Time

Severity Level 1 Within 1 hour
Severity Level 2 Within 4 hours
Severity Level 3 Within 24 hours

Field Support

roZoom offers you advanced replacement services for hardware components that are covered under the standard or extended warranty periods if you are under a support agreement and have paid the annual maintenance fee.  The advanced replacement service makes a pool of hardware components available to ship on a next business day schedule directly to your location that has experienced a failing hardware component in an installed roZoom product.  The advanced replacement service is available to you as part of the purchase of a support agreement from roZoom or from a roZoom reseller or partner.  If you choose not to pay the annual maintenance fees, you can get failed components repaired/replaced by shipping the component back toroZoom ’s contract manufacturer and waiting for the repair period.

In order to receive an advanced replacement part, roZoom must create an RMA record with our component supplier and the customer must return the failing component in a reasonable time frame using return shipping materials. Please contact roZoom Support to report the problem and obtain an RMA record.

Online Support

roZoom offers online support to you for reporting problems on a 24x7x365 basis by sending an e-mail to a roZoom support representative will respond to your service request in a prompt manner.