roZoom brings you the Open Cloud

How to implement an Open Cloud roZoom offers instructor-led education and training services to you along with resellers and partners for a fee.  The education services cover topics such as architecture, implementation, usability and troubleshooting of a roZoom Open Cloud solution. roZoom resellers and partners will be expected to complete a certification procedure after receiving training, in order to offer the most effective implementation services to you as a customer.

Custom Training

We’ve built our business around being the best at what we do: delivering quality projects reliably and repeatedly. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two and would love the opportunity to share that experience with your team.

Every company and every team is unique. The challenges your team faces are born out of the skills of its members, the process they’ve adopted, and the particulars of the problem space. As consultants, we’ve seen it all and more likely than not, we can help improve the efficiency and happiness of your team.

Below are some of the topics we can build customized training around:

Beginner & Advanced AWS Training Get ramped up or learn about advanced services and management techniques for one of the most full-featured and scalable cloud platforms.
Security in the Cloud Learn the tools and techniques used in planning a secure cloud infrastructure, and how to bring discipline to your security process and procedures.
Architecting for Scale in the Cloud Architecture is more than just one web server and a file server, learn the methodologies to design for scale in the context of application availability
Data-Driven Services Learn how to apply tools like Hadoop and MongoDB  to achieve massive scale and gain critical insight into your business services.
DevOps with Chef or Puppet Learn how to bring the values of agile software development to the world of operations with automated provisioning through Chef or Puppet.
Git and Github Workflow Good source control practices are the foundation of any development team. Learn how to wield Git wisely and powerfully.

Interested in Training & Education?

If you’re interested in talking about customizing training for your team, please contact: